IN THE BEGINNING frame prepArationS

  • The product is made from solid and healthy material There is no need to use wire or other material to fasten the wax foundation
  • in the beginning of season, a piece of wax sheet or a complete wax sheet inserted into the mini frame
  • It may be inserted by cutting to the appropriate size from the drawn combs
  • Melted wax can be applied to the inner sides

during the season brood / POLlEN- honey frames

  • If the mating hives will be started with honey-pollen or brood frames; Setting 4 mini frames into a standard frame or using adaptors in the super to put mini frames will be enough to gain them
  • An onother method is large hive method (coffin hive) A nucleus with its queen will be shook into a special design hive with many mini frames. İn a little while queen will lay eggs and arc of honey and pollen stocks will be set full capacity. Mini nursery frames can be given to mating hives with its covering bees
  • If the mating hive will be started directly; starting with one drawn comb and one wax foundation frame becomes in our favor to avoid abandoning the hive.
  • Feeding with sugar syrup and candy in the starting causes to be owned of the hive.
  • Frame transfers will be done easily in the season
  • There will be no breaking off and fallings because of heating
  • The frames will not be tied to inner walls
  • There is a gradual hole for applying queen cell so no frame spacing will be required or there will be no gap in the hive cover
  • Queen cell will be reached to the center of frame so covering the cell becomes perfectly

at the end of the season how to store/ clean the drawn combs- lifetime

  • At the end of the season, 6 mini-frames can be arranged in a standard frame to give a super
  • Through channels on the mini frame; such as rope, line, wire mini-frames are fixed to the standard frame In this way, the honey is lowered and brood emerges to that colony previously applying
  • The empty frames are left in the deep freeze for at least 24 hours and are cleaned from elements such as the wax moth eggs, bacteria, fungi
  • Put into a nylon bag, packed in a box and easily stored for the next year
  • The drawn piece is scratching while the frames are cleaned. Remaining pieces are cleaned with soda added hot water , then passed through bleach added warm water and rinsed very well
  • Polypropylene materials must be kept away from direct sunlight and should be avoided long-term contact with hot liquids
  • Unlimited lifetime if used under these conditions